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Adapted Online Media is a digital media brand of the Adapted Industries company. As an online branding department of the Adapted Industries Corporation it plans to use digital content creation and digital content distribution as an opportunity for revenue of advertising services and expansion into broadcasting. The brand was designed to grow an online audience and create merchandise and service campaigns for Adapted Industries Corp. promotions and for sale of advertising and marketing services. It has expanded into a digital media news outlet on its social media platforms and offers business to business solutions through digital content creation. As Adapted Online Media continues to expand as a media company as an extension of Adapted Industries it plans to invest into more broadcasting opportunities.

Adapted Online Media plans to further explore the entertainment industry while prioritizing on creating digital content for the purpose of promoting Adapted Industries projects and clients of the business. Adapted Online Media operates a Content Production Studio and offers management & advertising services for content distribution for advertising partners.

Adapted Online Media R&D of integration of "ADAPTED.AI" services release date TBA.

To contact Adapted Online Media please fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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