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Adapted Physiques Online laid the foundation and gave birth to Adapted Industries growing vision by inspiring and helping others achieve their fitness and business related goals. Adapted Physiques was previously based online at (  offering a virtual, physical fitness experience provided for clients to achieve fitness and wellness goals. Adapted Physiques specialize in Sports Nutrition and Athlete Development. Founded in 2018 as a sports team, later organized in 2019 as a for profit business has become a reputable brand within the fitness industry. Adapted Physiques Online currently operates primarily on their mobile app available on Apple App Store and Google play store.

Adapted Physiques main objective is to offer a professional and science based approach to fitness goals. Adapted Physiques clients range from individuals seeking help in starting their fitness journey to professional athletes. Adapted Physiques Online platform allows unlimited growth and has created jobs for new coaches under the brand by self educating all employees through their online learning platform. Adapted Physiques also promotes products such as apparel and supplements via which is an e-commerce platform owned by Adapted Industries.  Adapted Physiques Online also partners with other brands for cross marketing products in the fitness industry on a commission basis. They have partnered with brands such as Cygen Labs, Nutraphase, DSL Nutrition, The Northern Impact, Spartan Nutrition, Hydrojug, EHP Labs, HD Muscle, Goli Nutrition, The Canadian Physique Alliance and more.

Adapted Physiques continues to build its platform online and with the help of Adapted Online Media and plans to monetize all digital content to reinvest into growing the brand further. Adapted Physiques also rents fitness studio space which it uses to film content, train clients virtually and offer one-on-one personal training for clients. The Adapted Physiques Online team is actively seeking new talent to hire for in person and remote work, contact for more information.

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