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Adapted Industries Corp. houses the brands and departments to occupy various industries, and openly manage contracts of various projects to gain valuable skills and knowledge to benefit the companies synergistic growth capabilities. These are Company Funded Projects.

Adapted Industries Corp will make initial investments through time and resources to complete R&D data for different projects, other projects may be Publicly/Privately Funded Projects which Adapted Industries Corp will render the use of available equipment and AI to aid new innovative solutions in starting-up and creating relationships with the various brands and departments with options for company expansion.

Company Funded Projects

Company Funded Projects are in align with Adapted Industries vision to reimagine innovation by applying a dedicated team to each company project but allowing open access across it's brands and departments to work as a hive when necessary to help create solutions through it's synergic growth initiative. 

Adapted Industries Corp. pools its resources to operate all the brands and departments necessary to provide the company opportunities to grow in a self sustainable ecosystem. Project managers will hyper focus a team to deploy solutions and constantly innovate them, given the need for any assistance, every team may collaborate to find a rapid solution for the team requesting assistance. Once solutions are achieved each team then refocuses on their dedicated projects, giving the opportunity to add value to the companies internal strength while creating multiple revenue streams for the companies growth.

Publicly/Privately Funded Projects

Publicly funded projects are funded primarily by public interest as Adapted Industries will accept or decline participating on new projects based on strict criteria. If Adapted Industries accepts a publicly proposed project it may provide team members and/or equipment to aid in the projects success, if a project application is initially declined the decision can be appealed with evidence to support it's reason for acceptance and it may be reviewed or added to a pending queue, where funding will be monitored until a project can be considered active. Private projects and their terms will be negotiated based on the involvement of Adapted Industries Corp, paid work does not secure approval and each project must undergo review process.

More Information 

For all project proposals please contact Adapted Industries Corp. by email using subject "project proposal" at 

To view a listing of all projects, click here.

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